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Instrument Repair:

Official Statement By Justin Young:

I permanently closed my repair shop back in May 2019 to pursue a career path in Computer Applications Development / Systems Analysis. As much as I appreciate the enthusiasm from outside / 3rd parties, I have no interest in taking on apprentices, teaching repair master classes or publishing my experiences in electronic or printed forms. I have left the music industry and (currently) do not have any plans to return in the immediate future. Yes, I do still enjoy playing my instruments in my spare time.

Also, I no longer work for the Texas Bandmasters Association other than in a consultant / contract programmer capacity so I cannot reliably answer any questions about the current state of the organization or future conventions and their associated logistics – those types of inquiries would be best directed to the office. I did do a little bit of remote programming in order to help the Office Staff and Board of Directors facilitate the 2019 Annual Convention / Clinic and am still pleased to have some involvement in that capacity. I'll be honest: TBA is where I got my programming career started so I'm happy to still be maintaining that positive relationship with them.

So as to dispel any unusual rumors that I've heard floating around as to why I 'suddenly' and 'dramatically' did this: I am not in any trouble, I'm not sick and I'm not burnt-out, depressed or in crisis. I simply wished to see if my 11 years of acquired IT (Information Technology) work experience would help me to further my career in the industry. It did. I am now employed full-time as a Systems Analyst in one of the largest school districts in Texas.

While this is a pretty cool place to be…when HR does make that call to offer you a job, unsettled “life” situations (like what to do with a fully running, at-capacity repair shop) tend to start moving at a pretty quick pace – hence my pulling the plug on the shop with gusto and much haste.

If you were left scratching your head and wondering what the heck happened…that's pretty much it. No juicy or sensationalist melodrama involved.

That being said, if you're a previous customer of mine, an old friend or a fellow industry colleague and would like to reach out just to say 'hi', talk motorcycles, photography or online gaming you can always find / friend me at the following:

Email: jyoung4225@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/justin.young.photo

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-young-satx/


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