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Train Tracks
Train Tracks Justin Young


Justin Young Fujifilm

Shot with my Fujifilm X100V.

My job has opted for us to start making the transition back into the office but in staggered seating patterns and on alternating weeks.   I've been trying to utilize my lunch hour (when I'm on-site) to get out for some fresh / fall air and do a little local photography at some of the nearby city parks.  It doesn't make for terribly exciting photos but it's better than being cooped up in a windowless office building all day.  

So far, I'm STILL loving the X100V and feel like it makes for great spontaneous street-style photography.  I've been playing with various Film Simulation 'recipes' and still haven't quite found one for daily use that I'm ready to be married to.   The great thing about the X100V is that I don't have to! There are about 6 slots for different configurations,so I can always change up the style with a few button clicks.