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"Boris" doing Mandalorian / Airsoft Cosplay.
"Boris" doing Mandalorian / Airsoft Cosplay. Justin Young


Justin Young Photography

I met "Boris" about 3 years ago while playing at Mission Airsoft on the south side of San Antonio, Texas.  He's pretty heavy into cosplay (specifically, Mandolorian) and he's got several outfit configurations that he'll occasionally wear to the field.  If I happen to have my camera equipment with me, we'll typically do a couple of impromtu posed shots for his portfolio.

Looking through these shots several months later, it looks like adding an ND filter would have really helped in dealing with the bright / overcast sun.  The harsh lighting makes for some odd hot spots and the foliage certainly doesn't helping with the shadow cast.  I distinctly remember having to nudge "Boris" forward and back in the scene in order to use some of the highlights falling on his helmet and weapon to my advantage. 

To this day, I have not been overly thrilled with the way the A7RII renders yellows and greens.  Even in ideal lighting, I feel like skin tones have a yellow-ish tinge and greens tend towards neon green / yellow (white balance).  The shots out of the camera and lens are decent enough but I have yet to find any camera profiles or color palette settings in software that seem to nudge the default coloring in a direction that I find appealing.  The A7RII is fine camera to be fair but lately it seems to be falling out of favor vs my Nikon D750 and Fujifilm X100V.