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It's all about the pies baby!
It's all about the pies baby! Justin Young


Justin Young Foodie

Shot with my Fujifilm X100V.

Kim and I tried to make the best of her last free weekend before she headed back to school so we wound on Broadway / near The Historic Pearl again to try out Earl Abel's.   Earl Abel's has been around San Antonio in one form or another for about 86 years (according to their website) and I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I hadn't taken the time to visit until recently -- better late than never I guess. 

I thought the food was decent / pretty good but what really set the place apart was their selection of homemade desserts.  You know a place has something special going on when a lot of the locals stop by to grab whole pies and cakes to go.  Killer carrot cake and a decent chicken fried steak.   4 out of 5.