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Blistered Shishito Peppers On The Griddle.
Blistered Shishito Peppers On The Griddle. Justin Young


Justin Young Cooking

Shot with my Fujifilm X100V.

Summer 2022 has been pretty brutal, if I'm being honest. We've spent most of the last two months' weekends inside, avoiding the heat as much as possible. The one thing we did take advantage of is the availability of all the fantastic late-season peppers. Kim and I have been experimenting with making different types of salsa and we've settled on one made from roasted tomatillos ( guajillo and chili de arbol chili pods ) that's quite good. Skillet/griddle blistered shishito peppers with some lime juice, and a little bit of sea salt is a terrific snack! Kim has even been refining a recipe for chimichurri that's quite good. We're ready for the fall so that we can get back outside. I hope we'll have a longer gap before winter so we can get the motorcycle out and hit the road. Until then...more salsa it is!