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Lots of colors at the festival in Bandera!
Lots of colors at the festival in Bandera! Justin Young


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Shot with my Fujifilm X100V.

Kim and I decided to get out of the house for a bit and hit the road with no real agenda or destination in mind.   After stopping for some fuel and gas station snacks we found ourselves in Bandera, Texas.   It looks like they were having some kind of festival going on around the court house property so we popped in to check it out before heading down Highway 16 to Kerrville, Texas. 

Overall it was a really nice day even if it wound up getting a bit hot towards the later part of the afternoon (got some gnarly neck sunburn).   The X100V held up great all day and I never wound up plugging it into the car charger despite taking pretty close to 300 shots.  Battery life is great so far for these short day trips but I would definitely want a few spares if I were traveling.

I still absolutely love this much so that I'm really starting to think about trading in my Sony.