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Justin Young Photography

I spent a little bit of time with my wife out in Bandera, Texas after a short motorcycle ride and managed to snap a few decent pictures with my Sony.   I go back and forth between loving and hating the raw images it produces.   I don't want to say that any of the images are bad, it's just that I'm finding I need to spend a lot more time with them to really pull out a rendered quality that I'm satisfied with.  Whereas with my Nikon D750 I feel like I've got a pretty good starting point with the images right out of the camera.  They're definitely different beasts.   

I do, however, have nothing but good things to say about the Sony 28mm lens.  It's ridiculously sharp and does a great job focusing in nearly any scenario.   It's a nice compromise width that allows me to 'fit it all in' but also not so wide that I have to wind up doing a lot of unnecessary cropping to get what I want out of the shots.   Even if you do have to crop the A7RII's 42mp sensor makes sure you have plenty of information to work with without getting distorted.