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I'm still here and still chugging along with coding some desktop software for the onsite registration process at my old job.   I recently made the decision to step out of the formal / official offerings of Xojo because I needed some enhanced database functionality. 

The default MySQL connector plugins work 'ok' out of the box.  The real issue is performance.   They're slow!   Knowing what I know about the reliability and bandwidth of the data-lines at the convention center in downtown San Antonio, I'm having to make some real foundation level decisions about how to approach this application. I'm looking at data / line-level performance as being the true bottleneck here. 

Monkeybread Software seems to have some pretty nice plugins for database connectivity and even with just cursory testing over a pretty slow iPhone hotspot the application already seems much snappier.   Building the connection and command objects is a lot more verbose so it'll definitely add a few extra points of failure in the code base if I'm not paying careful attention. 

So far, so good.